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Cars & Parking

Are handicap placards exempted from Residential Parking Permits?

Yes, handicap placards are exempt from being cited, they must be visibly hung on the rear view mirror of your vehicle.

Are Residential Parking Permits exempted from street sweeping?

No, your vehicle will be cited; all vehicles must be removed for street sweeping.

Are there extensions on parking citations?

No, there are no extensions on parking tickets. You have 21 days to pay the original bail amount anything after the 21 days; the bail amount will increase.

Can I park my vehicle in a meter stall after meter hours?

Yes, you can park your vehicle at a meter stall after meter hours at no cost.

Can I pay my parking ticket online

Yes, at

Can Residential Parking Permits be used anywhere in the City of Inglewood?  

Residential parking permits can only be used in your area; each area is assigned a specific permit color. (Please note that if your color does not match the area where vehicle is parked you will be cited.)

Do I have to put money in meters on Holidays?

No, all meters are free on Sundays and all National Recognized Holidays.

Do I still have to pay the bail amount to contest a parking citation if my vehicle was stolen at time it was issued?

No, you can come to City Hall on the 2nd floor for immediate dismissal; you would need to bring a copy of the stolen police report and Identification Card; also by mail you need to mail a copy of the items listed above.

How do I obtain a Residential Parking Permit?

To obtain a residential parking permit you need to present a current utility bill with your name and address or a copy of rental or lease agreement. Cable or Telephone bills are not accepted.

How many Residential Parking Permits are issued to each household, and do they expire?

Each household receives (4) permits, for additional permits there is a charge of $25 dollars per permit. Permits expire on December 31 of every year.

If I am handicap do I have to pay at the meter?

No, if you are handicap with a valid handicap placard you can park at the meter for free. You must place the placard visibly on the rear view mirror of your vehicle. If at any time your vehicle is cited, bring your citation along with your handicap placard, handicap registration, and a California Driver’s License or Identification Card to City Hall Traffic Division 2nd floor for an Administrative Review.

If I am sitting on my vehicle do I have to put money in the meter?

Yes, once you are occupying a stall you have to put money in the meter.

What do I need to know regarding parking if I am hosting a party or family gathering?

If you are hosting a party or family gathering you need to call our Parking and Traffic Enforcement Division at 310-412-8732; 24 hours in advance. If you prefer to come in you will need an Identification Card along with an actual parking permit, we are located at One Manchester Blvd., (please note that City Hall is closed on weekends and every other Friday). If your party is on the weekend you need to call the office on Friday, our business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

What is the time limit on meters in the downtown area? 

The majority of meters in the downtown area are two-hour meters, some are thirty-minute meters and green curbs accompany them.

When a meter is broken can I still park in the stall?

No, once you come upon a broken meter you should call 310-412-8732.

When can I contest a parking citation?

You are given 21 days to contest a citation; late appeals will not be heard. Failure to respond may result in an increase in the penalty, and a lien on your vehicle registration at the department of motor vehicles.

When do I put money in the meter?

Meter hours are Monday through Thursday’s 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on Sunday’s all meters are free.

Where can I contest my parking citation?

Parking ticket citations can be contested in person in City Hall on the 2nd floor Traffic Division, by phone 310-412-8732, and in writing to Parking Enforcement, City of Inglewood One Manchester Blvd., Inglewood CA 90301.

Where do I go to pay a Parking Citation?

You can pay in person at the Inglewood Cashiers Office, One Manchester Blvd., and Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. On line at or by mail at City of Inglewood Billing and Collection Section P.O. Box 6500 Inglewood CA, 90301.