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Code Enforcement

Are carports/canopies illegal in the City of Inglewood?  

Yes.  Carports and porte cocheres cannot be used in lieu of the code required parking garage. A permit must be obtained in order to have a carport or porte cochere in the City of Inglewood. All requests for permits must go through the Planning Division, located at the 4th floor of Inglewood City Hall. Once Planning approves the request form, materials and location, the Code Enforcement Division will be notified. This process prevents illegal use and construction of structures that diminish both the look and safety standards of our community.

Are garage/yard sales permitted in the City? 

Yes.  The City of Inglewood has updated the garage/yard sale ordinance (IMC 5-81). The code allows for two garage sales per calendar year (a sale is two consecutive days) per household and prohibits the sale of new items. A permit must be obtained at least five days prior to the date of the sale, and must be on display at the site. The permitted hours of operation are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The required permit may be obtained for $5.00 from the Finance Department, 1st floor, City Hall, One Manchester Blvd. For additional information call the Code Enforcement Division at 310-412-5590.

As an added convenience to Inglewood residents, effective June 15, 1999, the City Council designated the third weekend of August as an annual citywide garage and yard sale weekend. Hours of operation, advertising and parking regulations will remain in effect. Residents conducting a garage sale on this weekend will not have the sale on this weekend counted as one of their two allowable permitted sales annually.

Are there any regulations for the display of flags/signs?

Yes.  New regulations have been adopted by the City of Inglewood that restricts the display of flags. Any business may display national, state or other governmental flags. Public or nonprofit institutions (Red Cross, Boy Scouts, churches, etc.) may display flags that depict their respective logos. The American Flag may not be used for advertising purposes. Car dealership and plant nurseries may display other types of flags and/or string pennants or other wind-activated devices may be displayed by any business at any time. A banner (affixed to the wall of a building) may be displayed longer than 30 days at a time, and not more than a total of 45 days in a calendar year. Realtors may display flags on a property offered for sale, but only when an open house is being conducted. Such flags may not be placed along the street or the properties. For additional information, please call the Property Maintenance Section at 310-412-5590. (Ord. 2459 12-13-83; Ord. 95-26 11-7-95). For additional information please refer to IMC Sections 12-74 (f, g, k) and Section 12-75 (a, f, g, h, i)

Can I be cited for overgrown vegetation/grass?

Yes.  Don’t allow overgrown vegetation rubbish to accumulate in your yard. This situation creates an unsightly appearance for your home as well as your neighborhood. It also can result in a fire hazard if the vegetation dries out, as is often the case during summer months IMC Section 11-70, (1-4, 15 and 7-18).

Can I raise chickens, rabbits, etc.?

No. It is illegal to raise or keep chickens, rabbits, pigeons, ducks, goats or any fowl or livestock on your property.  IMC Section 4-46.

Do I need to obtain a license for my pet?

Yes.  Dog Licenses are issued by the Los Angeles County Office of Animal Control, however, the application may be completed and paid for in the City Clerk’s office, located at One Manchester Blvd. All applicants must show proof of rabies vaccination before a dog license may be obtained. The standard fee for a dog license $60.00 per year; if your dog is spayed or neutered, the fee is reduced to $20.00 per year. Senior citizens with a dog that is either spayed or neutered pay a reduced annual fee of $7.50 per year. If the animal is not - spayed/neutered the fee is $60.00.

Do the notices I receive carry a fine?

Yes.  In the past, our code enforcement procedures did not include fines for non-compliance.  Under the new law, an initial violation, if corrected, does not carry a penalty.  These new procedures have been established to encourage repeat property maintenance offenders to comply more quickly, while offsetting associated Code Enforcement violations.

How do I dispose of large of pieces of furniture?

Waste Management will pick up your bulky items at no charge on your regular service day. Please call them 24 hours in advance to arrange for pick up. In addition, they will offer two annual “Operation Clean Sweep” days, in May and October, where they will pick up bulky items around the city.

WARNING: Items that could be dangerous when compacted, such as TV or radio tubes and loose glass, should be set to the side of your refuse container for special handling

How do I file a complaint?

Complaints may be filed with the Code Enforcement Section, in person, by mail or telephone in the following manner, identify the specific complaint of nuisance, give your name, address and telephone number (this information is essential and kept confidential), give the location of the problem, street name and house number, give specific description of complaint (description of vehicle etc.)

Is lawn/yard parking illegal?

Yes. Don’t park cars on your front lawn, aside from giving your home and neighborhood an unsightly appearance, lawn parking is a violation of the Inglewood Municipal Code IMC 12-15 and can result in the issuance of a citation to the owner of the vehicle.

Is outside vending legal in the City of Inglewood?

Yes.  Vendors who do not possess a valid business license to sell food, jewelry, clothing, incense and other merchandise are doing so illegally. The City of Inglewood does not allow itinerant (roving) vending. If you allow these vendors to enter your establishment and sell to the patrons, you may be breaking the law. When you observe this type of activity, please call the Code Enforcement Section at 310-412-5590.

Is refuse collected on Holidays?

Refuse will not be picked up on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Collections scheduled for these holidays will be made on the day following each holiday. For more information, please call customer service at 310-605-6000.

What about the tree limbs, bush trimmings and building materials, can they be picked-up?

These items must be tied in bundles not over 4 feet in length and 60 pound in weight.

What are some Code Enforcement Violations?

Some examples of Code Enforcement violations are: open vacant buildings, overgrown grass, weeds and debris, discarded furniture and appliances, inoperable/abandoned vehicles, garage conversions, auto repairs, garage sales, animal regulations and trash containers stored in front yards.

What kind of trash container can I use?

A green 96-gallon cart for green waste – green waste includes almost anything that comes from glass, leaves, green plants/weeds, garden trimmings, tree limbs, wood chips, sawdust, small wood scraps.

A blue 96-gallon cart for recyclables – recyclable includes aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, plastic containers, detergent containers, newspapers, junk mail, magazines/catalogs, phone books, mixed papers, corrugated cardboard and boxes.

A black 96-gallon cart for trash – trash includes household waste that cannot be recycled.

When is refuse collected?

Residential refuse collection is made once every week.

When must I remove my trash container from the curb?

All containers must be removed from the parkway on the same day they are emptied.

When must I remove the trash container?

All containers must be removed from the parkway on the same day they are emptied.