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Jobs & Employment

Can a part-time position turn into a full-time position?

Absolutely, but not without a competitive exam being administered and you are appointed to the position from an eligibility list.  The City of Inglewood is committed to promoting from within. Many of our exams for full time opportunities are conducted on a promotional basis. This means only those who are currently employed by the City may apply.  We encourage all of our employees to participate in employment exams that they feel they qualify and continue building careers within the organization. 

Can I submit an application for part-time employment with the City?

Normally individuals interested in part-time employment should go directly to the department to submit their application materials. It is best to provide a resume to the department head or division head (if known) identifying the position that you are interested and your qualifications. This should only be done if you want to work as needed part-time.

Can resumes be submitted in lieu of the City’s application?

Resumes are accepted along with a completed official City application. Resumes may not replace any information that is requested on the employment applications – please do not put “see resume” in lieu of providing any requested information.

How do I file an application for Full-Time employment with the City of Inglewood?

You may file an application for any position that the City is currently recruiting for by downloading the official employment application or you may visit our offices during business hours at City Hall, One Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood CA (cross streets: La Brea & Manchester). The Personnel Department is open Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed alternating Fridays. 

How do I prepare for the exam? What do I study?

All tests given by the City are job-related and designed to evaluate the applicants knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform the functions of the job.  Read the job announcement then study any materials that you feel would directly or indirectly relate to the necessary knowledge, skills and ability to perform the job tasks listed in the example of duties for the position.  Ex: if two of the job requirements listed state performing mathematical calculations and interpreting regulations, some to the exam questions probably will cover math and reading comprehension. 

If you need reasonable accommodation at any phase of the application or testing process, please make your request in writing for reasonable accommodation as described on the job announcement.

How often do positions open?

That is difficult to answer. Positions are open when vacancies occur. The best way to assure that you are notified when positions that you are interested in are open is to complete interest cards.

How will I be notified if I am selected to participate in the exam process?

The Personnel Department will notified you via U.S. mail, telephone, and/or email if you are invited to the exam.

If I want to apply for more than one job, do I have to file more than one application?

Yes, a separate application must be completed for every position for which you want to be considered.

If the position I am interested in is not currently open for recruitment, what can I do to be notified when the position becomes available?

You can submit an interest card for any classification (job title) for which you believe you may qualify. Interest cards are maintained in the Personnel Department for a period of one year from the date submitted.

Once I submit an application, how do I get an interview?

For all full-time positions within the City, you must participate in an examination process. The type of exam(s) that will be given for the position you have applied for will be listed on the job announcement. The Personnel Department will contact your via US Mail, telephone, and/or email regarding the date of the exam once we are no longer accepting applications for the position.

What happens after I take an exam?

Once the exam is completed, your score will be computed along with other exam participants.  Candidates earning a passing score in the exam process will have their names placed on the employment eligible list in order of their final earned rating. The top three ranks, in alphabetical order, will be given to the hiring department for a selection interview. The selection interview  (along with a pre-employment physical) will determine if you will be selected for the position.  Hiring departments typically do not have access to the candidate’s final score; therefore job offers may not be given to the candidate with the highest score.

What happens if I am not selected for the position, do I have to start all over when the position opens again?

If you are not selected for the current open position, your name remains on the eligibility list for a period of one year or whatever is stated on the job announcement. The Personnel department will continue to send your name to hiring departments who have vacancies for the position for which you have applied until the eligibility list expires.  At anytime you no longer want to interview, you may contact the Personnel Department to have your name removed from the eligibility list. Otherwise you will remain on the eligibility list until it has expired.

What if the eligibility list expires before my rank is reached and I have not interviewed?

Once an eligibility list is expired, in order to be considered for the position for future opportunities, you will need to apply again and go through the designated examination process.

What kind of exam will I have to take?

On every job announcement the type of exam(s) will be listed that apply to that particular position. The Personnel Department administers a variety of exams such as: Written (Multiple choice or Essay), Oral, Performance, Computer-Based, Interviews, and Evaluations of education, training, and work experience.

Will everyone who applies for a position be invited to participate in the selection exam process?

No not everyone who applies for a full-time position will be invited to participate in the exam process. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and/or those determined to be “most qualified” will normally be invited to participate in the selection exam process.