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After submitting them to the Planning Division, how long do I wait to get Planning approval?

For simple addition, Planning Division will review your plans over-the-counter.  If they are in compliance with the code requirements that pertain to building setback, height, size of room, building projection, parking, landscaping, etc., the Planning Division staff will stamp and approve your plans at the counter.

After the permit is approved, can I open my large child care facility?

Yes, subject to compliance with the conditions of approval and issuance of a Business Tax Certificate.

Am I eligibile to participate in the Senior Nutrition Program?

All seniors, 60 years of age or older are eligible to participate in our Senior Nutrition Program.  Lunch served Monday through Friday from 12:00 noon until 12:30 p.m. at the Inglewood Senior Center, Lennox Senior Center and Hawthorne Senior Center.  The suggested donation is $1.50.

Are garage conversions legal?


Don’t use your garage as additional space either for yourself or for others. This is usage, unhealthy, and unattractive.

Are group homes allowed in Inglewood?

Yes, in residential areas for up to six residents.  For more than six residents, a Special Use Permit is required.

Are painted signs allowed?

No, unless a Sign Adjustment is granted.

Are plans to be in scale?

Yes, plans must be in scale (e.g. 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch is equal to one foot).

Are temporary signs allowed in Inglewood?

A banner is allowed for 30 to 45 days per business per year.

Are the two abovementioned permits the only permits I need for building construction or addition?

No, there are additional permits that Building and Safety Division may require from the property owner.  Examples are Electrical Permit, Plumbing Permit and Mechanical Permit.

Are there any fees to be charged for the review of my plans?

Additions that entail over-the-counter review by the Planning Division have no fees.  Building and Safety Division has plan check fees though.

Are there regulations for Home Occupations?

Yes, you can get a copy of the Home Occupation regulations from the Planning Division or at the City’s web site.

Can I add on a storage room, rumpus room or another accessory structure to my garage

Yes, you can as long as it does not exceed 400 square feet, maintains a minimum six feet clearance from the house, and the number of units in your property does not exceed five.

Can I convert my apartments into condominium units?

Yes, subject to Special Use Permit.

Can I operate a business out of my home?

Yes, through a Home Occupation Permit.

Do I need a permit for a banner?

No permit is required.

Do I need a permit for the construction of a fence?

Yes, anything that is over four feet high requires a Fence Permit.  A fence that is more than six feet high also requires a Building Permit.  A Building Permit fee will be charged instead of a Fence Permit fee.

Do I need a permit to build a house or make an addition to my house?

Yes, a Planning approval and a Building permit are required.

Do I need a permit to install a new sign or replace an existing one?

Yes, to install a new sign or replace an existing sign, you need a Sign Permit from the Planning Division.

Do I need an architect or an engineer to prepare the above plans?

Not necessarily.  A draftsman, designer or contractor can prepare the above plans.  If you have a drafting experience, you can prepare the plans yourself.  However, structural plans and details will require the services of a licensed civil engineer.

Do I need approval from the Planning Division to start a business?

Yes, the Finance Department will send you to the Planning Division for zoning clearance of your business location.

Do I need to pave my driveway?

Yes, with asphaltic concrete or portland cement concrete.

Excessive noise is a problem in my neighborhood, is it legal?

Don’t play loud music or make loud noises, which disturbs the peace and quiet of your neighborhoods. This includes playing radios loudly while operating cars, vans or suv’s Inglewood Municipal Code Section IMC Section 5-29.

How do I apply for a Fence Permit?

Fill-out a Fence Permit application available at the Planning Division counter.

How do I apply for a Sign Permit?

Submit three sets of sign plan to the Planning Division.

How do I apply for a Special Use Permit?

Special Use Permit application packet is available at the Planning Division counter.  Fees, process and requirements will be explained by the planner when the packet is given.

How do I buy a HUD home?

Please refer to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) website:  Or call 1-888-827-5605, 1600 North Broadway, Suite 100, Santa Ana, 92706 or visit

How do I dispose of hazardous or toxic materials (e.g. paint, car batteries, used motor oil, household chemicals, etc.)?

For the disposal of hazardous and toxic materials, please contact the Environmental Services Division at (310) 412-5559.

How do I dispose of heavy trash like household appliances and other bulky items?

Please contact Waste Management at (310) 522-6578 to schedule a special pick-up.

How do I legalize an existing patio cover or room addition that was not permitted?

Apply for a permit as mentioned in Question # 3 above for room addition.

How do I obtain a residential parking permit?

To obtain a residential parking permit you need to present a current utility bill with your name and address or a copy of rental or lease agreement. Cable or Telephone bills are not accepted.

How do I reach the Inglewood Court House?

Call (310) 419-5132.  The Inglewood Court House is located at One Regent Street, to the north of and adjacent to the Inglewood Police Department.  To reach the Small Claims Court call (310) 419-5165 or to reach the Juvenile Court, call (310) 419-5267.

How do I report a broken parking meter?

Report broken/non-operable parking meters to the Transportation Division of the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5333.  Identify the location and the meter number.

How do I report a broken traffic sign or signal?

Report broken traffic signals or signs to the Transportation Division of the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5333.  Identify the location.  If this situation occurs during non-working hours and is creating a hazardous situation, please report to the Traffic Division of the Inglewood Police Department at (310) 412-5207.

How do I report foul-smelling drains/sewers in my neighborhood?

Problems with storm drains and sewers can be reported to the Public Services Division of the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5333.

How do I report tree roots lifting up the sidewalk?

Tree roots that are causing damage to City sidewalks can be reported to the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department at (310) 412-8750.

How do I report bad tasting/looking water?

If you are having taste and odor problems with your potable water, please report to the Water Treatment Plant at (310) 412-5472.

How long do I wait to get my Fence Permit?

Unless some issues are involved, Fence Permit is issued over-the-counter.

How long is the process to get the permit?

Processing time is about 30 to 45 days.

How much is the Planning fee for a parcel map?

Fee for a tentative parcel map is $300.  A fee of $300 shall be paid when a Final Parcel Map is submitted.  Public Works also charges review fees.

If I do tenant improvement work in my place of business, do I need a permit?

Yes, you will need Planning approval and Building Permit.

If I have a big lot, can I split it?

Yes, you can apply for a parcel map provided the subdivided lots conform to the minimum zoning and parcel map requirements.

If I need copies of the zoning map or code, where can I buy them?

These are available (at minimal printing cost) at the City Clerk’s office, Ground Floor, City Hall building.

If I need to know the zoning of my proposed business location which office do I call?

Call the Planning Division at (310) 412-5230.

If I owned a restaurant and want to sell alcohol for my customers, what permit do I need?

If beer and wine are sold, no permit is required.  However, sale of liquor will require a Special Use Permit.

If I want to have a child care facility at my home, do I need a permit from the City?

If you plan to provide care for a maximum of eight children, you only need a state license and a business license.  If the number of children exceeds eight and up to 14, you will need a permit (in addition to the state license) from the City for a Large Family Child Care Facility.

If my plans are not in compliance with code requirements, what steps do I need to do?

If your plans are not in compliance with code requirements, the Planning Division staff will indicate the corrections on your plans for you to correct. Once the plans are corrected by your architect or contractor, you resubmit them to the Planning Division.  If the revised plans are in substantial compliance with code requirements, the plans would be approved.

In residential areas, can a carport substitute for a garage?

No.  In some instances a porte cochere may be allowed.

Is performing vehicle maintenance work/repairs on streets/alleys prohibited?

Yes performing vehicle maintenance work repairs on streets/alleys are prohibited IMC Section 10-18.

Is there a fee for a Sign Permit?

Sign Permit fee is $50.

Is there a fee for the Fence Permit?

Yes, Planning Division charges $20.00

Is there a fee for the permit?

Yes, the fee is $150.

Is there a minimum lot size for a residential lot?

Yes, 6,000 square feet with a lot frontage of 50 feet.

Once I have the plans and elevations drawn, where do I submit them?

Submit the two sets (may be more in some cases) of plans and elevations to the Planning Division.

Once my plans are approved by the Planning Division, where do I go next?

You submit your plans to Building and Safety Division for structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing review.

What about roof signs or billboards?

These signs are only allowed by Special Use Permit in certain locations and subject to some restrictions.

What are the hours of operation for elected officials and council members?

The Mayor and all Council Members maintain fully staffed offices at City Hall and their staffs are available during normal City Hall operating hours, 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday-Thursday and alternating Fridays. The Mayor and Council Members may maintain set days and hours during which they are available to receive calls and to meet with visitors and constituents in their City Hall offices.  Their availability is often determined by outside office demands to investigate matters in their respective districts, and to attend meetings, conferences and a host of civic community events.   To leave a message, or to find out about the Mayor’s office hours, or your District representative, please call (310) 412-5300 for the Mayor and (310) 412-5320 for Council Members.

What do I do if my neighbor has installed a fence or planted a tree on my property?

This is a civil matter that the neighbors have to resolve through mediation or through court proceedings.

What do I need to do to apply for the above permits?

Get a checklist of project requirements from the Planning Division.

What graphic quality of plans is acceptable to the Planning Division?

Plans must be complete and clearly drawn (not free-hand drawn) with dimensions and descriptions as to the use of the space, layout, size, materials, and colors.

What if I have an addition with a separate entry (regular door instead of a sliding glass door) to my house?

If the addition with a separate entry could be deemed as a separate living quarter, a covenant will be required to be recorded with the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office.  The covenant basically states that the addition will not be used or represented by the property owner as a rental unit.

What information is required in the application?

Basic information like name, address and phone number of the property owner, type of fencing material, height and length of fence, and location (e.g. front, rear or side property lines) of the fence.

What is a checklist of project requirements?

The checklist contains the required drawings or plans that a property owner has to submit such as the following:

1) Site Plan - indicates the size and configuration of the lot and the location of the existing and proposed buildings or projects within the lot with dimensions.

2) Floor Plan(s) - indicates the layout and sizes of the existing and proposed rooms or spaces with dimensions.

3) Building Elevations - indicates the design and height (in feet) of the building, doors and windows, balconies, eaves, gutter and downspout, the wall and roof materials or finishes, and colors.

Note: Building and Safety Division has another checklist of plan requirements.  It is advisable to get their requirements at the same time you get the Planning Division checklist of project requirements.

What is a Home Occupation Permit?

It is a permit that is issued to the property owner or resident to conduct a business out of the home.

What is a low and moderate-income household?

Determination of low and moderate income is affected by area cost-of-living indices. Generally, low income is considered to be 50% or less of area median income; moderate income is 80% of area median income.

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development
(Los Angeles County - Very-low, low- and moderate-income limits)

Household Size

Very-low Income




$11,550 or less




$13,200 or less




$14,900 or less




$16,550 or less




$17,850 or less




$19,150 or less




$20,500 or less




$21,800 or less



Effective December 10, 2001   A project meets the standard if at least 51% of the beneficiaries have incomes at or below the limits, or if it benefits a defined neighborhood or target area with a high percentage of low and moderate-income people


What is the minimum and the maximum width of driveway for a garage in a residential area?

For single lane driveway, the minimum width is 10 feet and the maximum width is 12 feet.  For a two lane driveway, the minimum driveway is 18 feet and the maximum width is 22 feet.

What is the processing time for a Sign Permit?

If the plans are complete and in substantial compliance with code requirements, Sign Permit would be issued over-the-counter.

What is the Public Works phone number to ask questions or to report problems with city streets or streetlights?

The Public Works department general office number is (310) 412-5333.  The City Streets and Sanitation Superintendent can be reached at (310) 412-5340.

What is the telephone number for the state Senator?

Senator Edward Vincent’s office number is (310) 412-0393.

What is the telephone number of the state Assemblyman?

51st District Assemblyman Jerome Horton’s office number is (310) 412-6400.

What is the time limit on meters in the downtown area?

The majority of meters in the downtown area are two-hour meters, some are thirty-minute meters and green curbs accompany them.

What kind and size of paper do I use for my plans?

There is no specific kind and size of paper required for the plans. Most commonly used size is 20 inches by 30 inches or larger.  Any type of paper that can be copied or blue printed is acceptable.

What kind of plans do I need to submit?

A Site Plan showing the location of the existing and proposed signs, elevation of the proposed signs in relation to the building, and details of the proposed signs.

What type of home occupation or business is allowed.

Basically office use only.

What type of sign is allowed in Inglewood?

Only individually cut, molded or recessed letters are allowed for wall signs.

When are council meetings held?

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 1:30pm in the Council Chambers on the first floor of the Inglewood City Hall located near the corner of La Brea Ave. and Manchester Blvd. at One Manchester Ave., Inglewood CA.  Every fourth Tuesday of the month, meetings are held at 7pm.  Some Tuesdays are “dark”, and no Council meeting is held due to an anticipated lack of quorum. For the most part these dates are anticipated and announced.  However, in some cases emergencies may prevent a quorum from being reached.  Citizens planning to attend a Council Meeting may wish to call the Administrative Office at (310) 412-5301 or the City Clerk’s office at (310) 412-5280 to confirm the meeting will take place as scheduled.

Where can I get help writing a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG grant)?

The City of Inglewood usually offers one workshop for applicants prior to the deadline of the CDBG grant program (please contact 310-412-8800 for more information). The Center for Nonprofit Management offers a free grant writing basics workshop and has a free nonprofit resource library. For further information on non-profit grant resources please contact the Center for Nonprofit Management:, or visit 606 S. Olive St. Suite 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90014, 213-623-7080.  In addition, the Santa Monica Public Library has the ‘FC Search Database- Cooperating Collections’, which is a core collection of Foundation Center publications and a variety of supplementary materials and services in areas useful to grant seekers.

Where can I get information about recycling?

For recycling efforts in the City of Inglewood, please contact the Environmental Services Division at (310) 412-5559.

Where can I get information on zoning, planning and development?

At the Planning Division located at the 7th Floor, City Hall building, One Manchester Boulevard, or at the City’s web site address

Where do I apply for a parcel map?

Application for a parcel map is available at the Planning Division counter.

Where do I apply for the above permits?

Apply to the Planning Division and the Building and Safety Division located at the 4th Floor, City Hall building.

Where do I get the application for the Large Family Child Care Facility?

The application is available at the Planning Division counter.

Where do I go to apply for a license to start a business?

Apply for a Business Tax Certificate at the Finance Department, Ground Floor, City Hall building, One Manchester Boulevard.

Which Council District do I live in?

A map can be obtained at the City Clerk’s office during normal business hours (310) 412-5280.  You can also click here and see a map posted on the city website.

Who can help me locate a place for my business?

You may call or see a local commercial leasing agent or you can look for the place yourself.

Who can I call for Code enforcement questions or to report complaints?

Concerns about graffiti or maintenance of private property can be directed to the Code Enforcement office at (310) 412-5590.

Who can respond to questions about cable access (AT&T Broadband)?

The City Administrative Office may be contacted at (310) 412-5301.  The cable company’s direct phone line is (888) 255-5789.

Who do I call to report potholes?

Report potholes to the Public Services Division of the Public Works Department at (310) 412-5340.

Who do I contact about uncollected trash?

Report all incidents of uncollected trash to the Sanitation Contract Coordinator at (310) 413-5333, Public Services Division, Department of Public Works.

Who do I contact for structural, plumbing, mechanical or electrical questions?

Contact Building and Safety Division at (310) 412-5294.

Who do I contact if a fire hydrant has been opened?

Please notify the Water Treatment Plant at (310) 412-5472 and the Public Services Division at (310) 412-5340

Who do I contact if the water pressure has dropped in my neighborhood?

If water pressure has dropped in your neighborhood, please contact the Water Associate Engineer at (310) 412-5333.

Who do I contact to find out where my property line is located?

Contact a civil engineer or surveyor to do a property survey.

Who is the councilperson for my district?

The most current information can be found here.

Who should I call regarding trash pick up?

For reporting problems contact the Municipal Service Yard (Public Works Department) at (310) 412-5333.

Why do I need a garage?

The Inglewood Municipal Code requires a two-car garage for each dwelling unit.