Parking and Enterprise Services

Parking Services
For citizen customer services regarding general parking enforcement questions regarding a citation, payment, notice or enforcement issue at a residence or business they should review our Parking Citations webpage or call Parking Services Customer Services at:  (310) 412-8732. For parking permits, please visit our Parking Permits page.

Customer Service and Community Relations Supervisor
For residents or businesses wishing to discuss parking enforcement services, parking meter operations, report violations, file a complaint concerning services, request special enforcement due to special events or other program administration matters, contact our Customer Service and Community Relations Supervisor, Tonuia Alleyne.  The Community Relations Supervisor is available to attend community meetings or meet one on one with residents or businesses.  Tonuia can be reached at: (310) 412-5136

Tonuia Alleyne
Parking Services Supervisor
(310) 412-5136

For department management issues, please contact:

Parking and Enterprise Services, Manager 
Mario Inga
Parking & Enterprise Services Manager
(310) 412-4270


Parking Enforcement, Traffic Control and Meters Operations
Program Manager
Tanya Perry, Parking Services Superintendent
310-412-8745 O

For questions regarding services provided by Serco, Inc or interest in future employment interested parties should contact our onsite Serco Project Manager Richard Kowaltschuk at:

Project Manager (Serco)
Richard Kowaltschuk, Manager Parking Services
Enforcement, Dispatch and Traffic Control
310-412-8652 O
562-445-2010 M 

For questions regarding parking meter operations interested parties should contact Dean Viereck, Regional Manager Duncan Services at  

Parking Meter Operations (Duncan Services)
Dean Viereck, Western Region Manager
Parking Meters and Customer Service
(414) 758-3224 M  

For questions regarding parking citation processing services that the City of Inglewood provides to other government agencies and universities, please visit:  

Inglewood Citation Management Services (ICMS)
310-412-8849 O